Arrogance and acumen are like identical twins appearing the same but in reality are two different entities separated by a thin line of humility.

Humbleness if often lost in the mist of pride, arrogance takes birth unlike acumen that matures with the elixir of ethics, experience and empathy.

But why is acumen so vulnerable to arrogance?

When acumen is dignified with authority pride sets in and takes over knowledge kicking the adrenaline of arrogance that rushes into the head bloating the fattest of egos blinding one from facts and realities so much that in their fight to uphold the sovereign of intellect it is humility that is sacrificed at the altar of egotism.

 How does egotism emerge?

Heads I win Tails you lose is a confident attitude as long as it is used for something constructive and idealistic. But the problem starts when you and only you choose to decide who and what is really idealistic.  When confidence is prefixed with ‘over’ egotism creeps in.

Arrogance is normally an outburst of extreme emotions it is either extreme inferiority or extreme superiority complex, when one is superior the other invariably becomes inferior if not he will be doomed and deemed so. And when this inferior person questions an arrogant person he is belittled without a response if he still dare to pursue he better be ready for some wrath as he has questioned the unquestionable who only like to lead. It is okay to take lead but leadership is all about taking people along else it will fascism.

Of late whipping your opinions upon others is regarded as a skill which I see everywhere in the media debates, meetings, Facebook, Twitter, emails chains where the core issue itself is hijacked to satisfy the thirst for winning a debate. I wonder if these faceless social conversations are becoming anti-social where the scope of perception is disregarded with vengeance and only read between lines

Why are we becoming so arrogant?

Mostly arrogance emerges when we become judgmental about everything and do not open up to other’s views. Arrogance becomes a tool to cover your fears when you cannot appreciate somebody and accept that here is someone who is better than me or different from me. When one succumbs to narcissism surrounded by the air of rigidity anybody disagreeing with him becomes a potent enemy because it is all about me and even my clan. Sometimes even regional or linguistic fanaticism causes unacceptability of local ideology.  A country like ours with so much diversity should people be taught to ‘be Romans in Rome’?

Although English is not our native language people in India seem to regard English very highly and its speakers as demi gods they willfully display their butler English but despise the regional language I do not know if it is lack of  self-esteem or a colonial hangover but a good English orator seems to hijack any debate. If you cannot convince confuse them with complicated English seems to be the new mantra. Every language has something to offer but the language of arrogance often becomes directionless.

Is it Intellectual arrogance?

No these days arrogance is not restricted only to the intellectual but even the ignorant flaunt it. Today even the way you dress matters your tone your accent your slippers your bag and of course your gadgets do more talking for you. You are rated based on your appearance and not your acumen.  Of course we don’t wear our acumen but has wearing arrogance become fashionable?

We teach our children to be kind and helpful but demonstrate the contrary leaving them confused. In the race to outdo others are we sinking the sportsman spirit and sailing away in the storm of arrogance?

I recently attended a sports meet in a school where the veteran cricketer Mr.Javagal Srinath emboldened the idea of playing a sport everyday as it not only relieves stress but also teaches life skills of dealing healing and helping.  Play a sport for the sake of playing. You will learn to appreciate others, accept and understand your ability. He aptly stressed the need of the hour and asked the children these simple questions ‘did you help someone today?’, ‘did you appreciate someone who did a good job today?’ these questions have struck a chord in my mind. It is so simple to keep out arrogance all you have to do is learn to be modest in your approach as it will help you to accept any amount of success or defeat gracefully.

A sportive spirit certainly equips you to deal with the many games life can play on you.



  1. matheikal says:

    These days arrogance is not the monopoly of the intellectuals… Rather, arrogance is being increasingly arrogated by the frivolous!


  2. sudhir16 says:

    Movies are the huge culprits in changing the society to intolerance


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