Pappu Cant Talk………

It appeared as if Arnab Goswami had vigorously practiced Hatha Yoga and levitated for a week to keep his mind calm, it was as if he had nested a looped command for the tongue to simply stop working whenever his blood rushed rashly to the brain, it was as if he had mastered the art of listening and achieved the sainthood of naivety. It felt as if a thunderous storm had just subdued only to swirl and form another robust wave of attack collecting all the weak specks together to dash against a puny kid with no ground under his feet who is thrown into the harsh sea without a life-saving aid left to be consumed in the sea of words.

It is the nature of the sea to dip and dash at whatever comes its way but it was a little surprising to see Arnab so composed and calm who actually proved the FM Radio guys wrong who are going tom-tom that that Arnab and Google have something in common and it is that that both of them don’t let you complete your sentence. Hey but Google told me that before a Tsunami the sea calms down or at least that is what is made out to be.

At tea time somebody expressed that Rahul was like an item girl who stood completely exposed , whether Rahul got a mileage or got exposed but Arnab surely got a great deal of TRP along with wide publicity and a meaty topic for one whole week that is still being roared in Times Now den.

Rahul appears to be a simple head who was cruelly caught and pushed to be sacrificed at the altar of dynasty politics just because he carried the race the creed with an exclusively toned white skin like a brand ambassador who does not have anything much to offer other than visual motivation. Kareena Kapoor too walks off in a flashy dress selling some notebook but is it fair to start asking her about the technicalities of the gadget when she is hired only to induce the visual senses and simply seek attention for the brand.

He sounded more like a Miss World contestant who lost out owing to a deficit of reasoning and timely wisdom and gross inability to relate to the question as he kept talking about women empowerment umpteen number of times when the women of the nation are unsafe everywhere forget streets they are unsafe even in a five star hotel.

He suddenly went into a ‘kyonki mein jhoot nahi bholta’ mode and accepted that Congress goons were involved in the1984 riots but as it dawned on him that the harsh twilight would eclipse him soon he quickly fell into amnesia and tried pulling everybody else’s lungi when he didn’t have one for his cover as he sat at the tip of the chair revealing a highly unconfident body language.

The interview was insignificant as it was inconclusive and didn’t make any impact on anybody. It’s time we debated more relevant national and international issues that makes a difference to us instead of simply chanting a Rahul, Kejriwal, Modi Sahasranama or an anti Modi rhetoric day in and day out.  India is not just Delhi or just Mumbai the spirit of India exists wherever people with an Indian heart live.

To pursue any profession one has to be passionate about the profession/service/work that you do as impassion erupts pessimism leaving you lurch with loads of compassion from people of this country.

Yes we have compassion for Rahul and request him to take inspiration from the movie 3idiots.

Don’t simply do things just because you are told to do so just pursue what you really think you are good at.

And people just leave him alone don’t simply glamorize a wart to be a beautiful mole that would only do more harm than decorate an already fractured chin.

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