Are Media Houses Anarchic Too?

The media’s frantic coverage of Arvind Kejriwal with every detail of all his actions from his dharna to his security, his topi, his cough his cold Wow! What more can a political party ask for but all this overly staged craze leaves me speculating if this is just another cover up of some major flaw that got nodded. Such media hype would leave a nervous Rahul Gandhi biting his nails enviously in a corner. But then you have to actually run the marathon to receive the winning trophy you see.

There is a huge ruckus over Kejriwal’s actions but if the media is so dismayed then why this obsession of covering it all day and night even while Sunanda Pushkar’s body with a dozen injury marks is cremated in a great hurry with a dignified silence it is after all a high profile personal matter and irrelevant for the cattle class to know the ugly truth isn’t it? The media will surely not dare to run a cobrapost on this one but will worry about who was snooped at whose gate. We still don’t know in which holiday resort Mr.Gopal Kanda is spending his pious life in but we are regularly updated about Asaram. We still don’t know what political implications led to the Devyani Kobragade drama that kept showing her various sizzling pictures night after night and was followed up till she returned home safe but we do not know what happened to the maid’s family who was killed by the BSP MP’s wife we don’t even know if she is in jail at all. Is it something like only noise makers can have a voice?

Arvind Kejriwal whether right or wrong whether a seed of congress or a pesticide of US whether a virtuous cow or a venomous snake has certainly succeeded in stinging the home ministry upfront.  Whether he is an anarchist or an Alzheimer in the vein of politics he has certainly stimulated the autocratic reflexes of a troubled home minister the same home minister who said people will forget the Coalgate scam just like other scams.

Amidst all this political and media drama has the real burning issue escaped like an intangible ghost? One reels in thoughts to understand if the drug mafia is stronger than any government CEO? it is an open secret that Delhi and Punjab are a hub for international human trafficking and drugs, what is so undemocratic  about investigating those suspected in a crime as grave as this. Why is Somnath Bharthi being portrayed as if he pulled his gun and smacked somebody’s face like what many ministers have demonstrated at toll gates?

Inflicting Drugs into our youth is a disguised form of ambush on the promising potential of the country. Drugs weaken our youth and captivate them away from the many burning issues of this nation. I wonder why drugs are so rampant only in Punjab and Delhi most Punjabis are physically very fit and very high on the emotional quotient who thrive with patriotic hearts so if you anesthetize them with drugs then the job is easier for those crooks who have sold their souls at the boots of power and money.

There have been many instances where the Delhi police have anonymously disclosed that they are discouraged from pursuing cases connected with drugs as they are driven yes quite literally charioted by the center’s whip and grip no wonder Delhi is so lawless and unsafe for the common man that he succumbs to the vile anarchism day in and day out at the very hands of democracy without much to change.

3 comments on “Are Media Houses Anarchic Too?

  1. Team BlogAdda says:

    This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging 🙂


  2. When the media trashes out biased news, a responsible citizen TRASHES it and looks elsewhere for the real news.


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