The Sunsilk Love Story

It was midnight when the angry winds echoed in the silence of the dark night howling and whistling ferociously scaring away the moon, the guards patrolling the bungalow flashed their torch occasionally, the dim candle light in the room danced helplessly to the tunes of those irate gusts whose dull rays cast a gleam on the lavish cushions covered in rich silken brocade mystifying the contemporary setup with an antique ambience  amidst which I lay gazing out of the window at the serene sky full of twinkling stars that shined unconditionally.

Suddenly I heard a big thud at the basement ‘Maya’ he whispered from somewhere, I ran on cat’s paw completely overwhelmed at the thought of seeing my beloved.  With my heart thumping I dashed against the artistically done gallery and was ecstatic on seeing him. He had risked his life just for me. He looked up into my eyes with such fetish that I could see the most beautiful me in those captivating eyes, such eyes that could get anybody kneeling down to surrender. Everything about Mehul was magical.

Mehul signaled he wanted to come up to the balcony. At that instance I let down my beautiful long hair I was his Rapunzel.

cartoon1Mehul quickly grabbed my beautiful long hair that was woven diligently, as he clambered up and gained height he again looked yearningly at me as if to say something I craved and waited with baited breath to hear him say, he was close, Maya!! he said… and phew!!!  the long hair gave way! My love just went down crashing his bones against the brutal earthen carpet. He was picked up by the guards and thrown out like a banana peel.

sunsilk cartoon2

My trusted long time beautiful possession had deceived me in the hour of my need

My braid was always my pride

But today it was all so snide

Making me hide deep inside

To me long hair was always a fashion statement. But if this long hair is scanty and scrawny then it is nothing more than a frail old horse’s breaking mane.

The humiliating thoughts raced in my mind…………



The next morning I rose early and piously prayed to the Sun God for a silky smooth ending to my love story.

I was feeling very low and needed to recharge my mind, soul and body. I headed for a shower and picked that old shampoo and thought

Long hair a nightmare!!…….then suddenly I was blinded by a bright flash of lightening and yes there was an ‘ashariravaani’ ………

Dare To Grow Long Hair……………

Then Why Don’t You Care………..

I opened my eyes and what did I see! An astonishingly beautiful form ‘The Goddess Of Hair’ herself. She stood there smiling amidst her thick radiating auburn hair that gleamed and sang a silken affair holding the nectar for healthy hair.

She handed that nectar to me and said

Long Hair is no more a nightmare

Long Hair is NOW a funfair

With Sunsilk to care YOU CAN DARE

And flaunt your long strong hair

Everything disappeared leaving me and sunsilk alone.

I plunged into lots of funfair and emerged out as fresh air

The genuine care taught me to dare

This time I walked past the guards letting down my hair

As it shone bright in a new flair

Shrinking their pupils under the sunny glare

Of my lustrous tress that I now wear

It was time to declare to the world unaware

I seek not a millionaire but want to share

All my life free and fair with the one I care.

sunsilk cartoon3


I walked past them holding Mehul’s hand as my poised tresses swayed behind me swaying over their minds.

With Sunsilk I had recharged the roots of my confidence and belief within.

This is my entry for Sunsilk Recharge Your Hair Recharge Your Life contest in association with Indiblogger. 

I sincerely thank my artist friend Sanju for customizing these cartoons for this post.


2 comments on “The Sunsilk Love Story

  1. chinumeenu says:

    Disney should have followed you blog before making there movie.


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