The 2014 elections are cominggetout and vote

Vultures are circling

Eagles are preying

When the winds stop and stare

Under the brazen sun glare

The Indian voter sets out in might

Against all corruption to fight

For he knows that it is his right

To keep his motherland burning bright

But when the youth are drowned in

Facebook and twitter

Mauled by malls

Glamor and glitter

It’s time to clutter

The chat boxes with truth so bitter

Its only you who can make it better

Now don’t deter

Go vote and be the trend setter……

With the 2014 elections nearing the poll fever is raging high everywhere. Bold ads, bickering loud talks a merciless media and scoring rallies are just keeping pace with the rising election temperatures. With each party trying its best to be in the limelight thrusting their secularly communal or communally secular credentials for ever are they quite forgetting to address the pulse of this nation ‘the youth’?

A country with the largest youth population in the world where more than 50% are below 25years can easily make or break an election. But how are we going to involve these young minds who are mostly doused in chatting, texting, face booking? Why is polity so draconian to them? Why are our youth not educated enough about politics? What is missing?

Our youth look for fun glamor and gossip and how many people liked what I said on Facebook. Even if I share some political news nobody bothers to open the link or read it.

Imagine if Arnab Goswami was a judge at Nach Balliye or if Arvind Kejriwal sold elle 18 or if Kareena Kapoor spoke of anti-corruption movements and Baba Ramdev did the commentary on cricket sounds weird right? It’s all about branding.

Since decades politics has been branded as ugly, corrupt and complicated. Who has the time to break their head over all those legal jargons and understand the gimmicks of that dirty game? Tall words like ‘Manifesto’ ‘constitution’ simply scare away the youth. Some youth who slightly understand politics do not feel empowered enough hence do not participate as they feel that they cannot really make any difference.

To influence and get the youth interested in the politics of the country polity should be made more approachable and friendly.  With the onset of so many social mobile apps and social media it is certainly not difficult if all information about politics are made user friendly and available in simple language then the youth will surely catch pace.

Some Inspiration:

The remedy for weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength…

There is no help for you, outside yourself; You are the creator of the universe.” – Swami Vivekananda.

Catch them young

An opinion formed in early years is likely to remain the same forever. First and foremost in order to get the youth attention we should talk to them about issues that matter to them.

Assure to get their bus passes, driving license and voter id smoothly, to provide adequate bus services dedicatedly for students, also to introduce a compulsory subject called ‘current affairs’ for all streams this will encourage one and all to be alert on all happenings around them.

These assurances can be circulated by social mobile apps in one liners. Even voice messages could be sent.

Flash messages through chat tools saying ‘ITS VOTER ID DAY’ just like valentines’ day or friendship day and make it a mass movement like Voter ID Mela and spread the word  by sharing it on mobile chat apps not just to students but also teachers.

We should address issues that are tedious and provide easy services by setting up counters at colleges to issue voter ID cards.

Set up counters at colleges to collect details and issue voter ID cards without having to go anywhere else without any hassle. This will certainly make them feel they are part of the system and also bring some awareness.

This voter ID mela can be promoted by setting up various food stalls and fashion products which will surely draw crowds. This whole idea of the mela and stalls can be promoted via mobile apps and also physical hoardings.

Additionally a mobile application can be used to track and ping every youth by sending an alert or a voice message reminding them about the election dates. It should also pick their location/address and tell them the nearest municipal office location from where they can apply for voter ID cards and get them this would help many youngsters who are working, the app should also tell them about their nearest polling booths and remind them about the election dates.

Creating Awareness:

How can I make the youth aware that there is an election, what kind of an election it is and who are the people representing us?

When I was young I saw that my teacher always picked the noisiest and naughtiest child to monitor the class as half the problem would be taken care similarly these social media and social mobile applications that have enslaved our youth can be put to use for creating awareness about politics of the country and our political leaders. This is already happening in a very large way but still needs attention.

Introducing multiple-player mobile games that are integrated with group chats would be phenomenal, as of now we only have games where we can play and share the points or invite somebody to counter us on a site but not on a chatting tool. The chat window should transform as a game canvas where multiple players can have control over their chosen characters.

If these games have politicians as the cartoon characters who could be driven darted or drowned in an anti-corruption theme of game where you can pick and choose the political character of your choice. Each time you win it should empower you to pass a bill at least in the game.  This would certainly make one at least google and find out more about the particular bill and its implications.

These mobile application should be used to pick your location and tell you who is contesting from your area and give all details about the candidate via voice campaigns. It should talk about their educational qualification, achievements and contributions and their promises and how and when they plan to achieve it. This ping should just drop in to your mobile like push information without you subscribing to any websites.

But how are we going to get somebody to actually be present physically there on the D day. By making it a fun event??!!

On the Election Day the social mobile applications could do a great deal of mobilizing the crowds by simply sending last minute

  • push information about their polling booth location,
  • the candidates’ information,
  • the population in that location and
  • what percentage of chance your candidate stands to win? And how you could be the winning factor for your candidate.
  • It could also mention what change each candidate is going to bring to you.

But along with all technology we cannot discount the human aspect and that is of the mind the inbuilt nature of the mind to network, to network with friends. So chat up with as many friends as possible on the Election Day and drag them to vote.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose said

Give me your blood and I will give you freedom

But today you don’t have to give your blood you only have to give your vote

Vote for the right candidate else they will suck up your blood.

Let us change the game come on make it fashionable to vote.

Flash your inked index finger and say ‘Yes I Voted’.

This is my entry for “Indian General Elections 2014 with social mobile apps” contest organized by Indiblogger in association with wechatindian election


One comment on “GET OUT AND VOTE

  1. The Fool says:

    Nice, earnest well thought out post. Best of luck for the contest.


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