Vroom Broom Broom

The Delhi Election polls are being watched like India Pakistan match everywhere. It is a battle of the A B C (A=Aam Aadmi Party, B=BJP C=Congress) where many hero worship campaigns and tall speeches and brandishing brands seem to be swept away by the broom stick together with the raging ire of the common man the ‘aam aadmi’ who has emerged to be the clear winner and decision maker echoing the true spirit of democracy.

Whether it is an anti-incumbent wave or the emergence of an alternate choice, the mood of the nation is fast taking a toll on all the corrupt parties and waiting to see a new ray of hope deliver.

What are the tasks ahead in front of the succeeding Party in the event of it forming the government?

  • The common man wants his basic needs met without being looted.
  • Basic requirement like food, water, electricity, good roads and a safe secure atmosphere have become a luxury and an unthinkable aspect today under the savage of the powerful and corrupt these issues should be addressed at top priority.
  • A commoner may not understand the many complexities legalities of polity,

He only wants his everyday meal to be cheaper

He only wants to get his dl/khata/any transaction done  without paying a bribe,

He only wants the women of the family to come back home safely.

  • There has to be development but it should take along our famers to become self- sufficient and generate employment without having to be at the mercy of multinationals always.
  • Drastically improve Government school education system by employing able candidates with merit as teachers as they form the foundation for a shining India and really lead towards inclusive growth.

Any party that comes to power be it in Delhi or at the central level the need of the hour is to pluck out corruption which is an epidemic today bugged by many vicious tools like reservation  quotas, dynasty politics, handicapped law and order forces, biased and fractured bills, unregulated regulations and absence of patriotic people in polity.

A country that seeks inclusive growth and development but divisively refuse to include merit will only be limping behind leaving us compromised and always vulnerable at the hands of developed nations. As long as there exists caste based politics and divisive laws and law makers we will only continue to be listed among developing nations in spite of our prudent potentials.

The people of this country want not just change but quality deliverance else any legacy however powerful will be swept clean either with the vroom of a broom or a buoyant banana republic.

2 comments on “Vroom Broom Broom

  1. ilakshee says:

    We do have a possibility of a change in politics. But that would take a lot of maturity on our part. Good post!


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