Ordinance to save lawbreakers

The recent ordinance passed by the cabinet negating the supreme-court direction to disqualify convicted MPs and MLAs sends me reeling in thoughts corruptionif monarchic rule was better than fascism thrown at us in the name of democracy. The proposal and passing of the ordinance is not only undemocratic and shocking but simply belittles the very idea of democracy. A vicious network of our politicians who can alter anything in order to save the tainted lot looms large in the current context.

Our constitution under article 123 empowers the president to pass ordinances in case of unforeseen circumstances that arise in the most unexpected manner but look at the way our leaders arm twist the scope of amendments in our constitution. What was unexpected here in order to have an ordinance? The Lalu Prasad Fodder Scam case has been going on from the last 15years and congress MP Rasheed Masood who is involved in the MBBS seat allocation scam which has been dragging from last 20years, recently he also sparked a row by stating that people in Delhi could eat a sumptuous meal with Rs.5. Time and again it has been proven by courts claiming them guilty but to no legislative nerve or political willingness to ensure justice.

The Indian constitution is one of the most frequently amended constitutions in the world with almost 115 amendments till date. Anything that comes in the way of politicians making money calls for a new law or an amendment. Earlier attempts have been made to even dilute RTI act but today the Supreme Court’s ruling is vulnerable at the behest of a political ploy to save the lawbreakers through unconstitutional ordinances.

Passing ordinances and making amendments are required with changing times but passing ordinances to save lawbreakers amounts to openly promoting lawlessness sending wrong signals to the society. Why is law different and accommodative for an MP/MLA unlike when a common man is subject to all laws of the land? bharath matha crusificationLaw cannot be applied selectively, an ordinance for unconstitutional purposes is completely undemocratic and anarchic.

The president of India Mr.Pranab Mukerjee also a Congress loyalist should prioritize constitutional values over corruption and principles over party in the interest of the nation else India as Rahul Eashwar says will remain only a notion and not a nation.

9 comments on “Ordinance to save lawbreakers

  1. Hemen Parekh says:

    Sad Day / Bad Day / Mad Day

    Sad Day

     If – and when – President Pranab Mukherjee succumbs to “ His Master’s Voice “ and signs the Ordinance , nullifying Supreme Court verdict on “ convicted “ MPs / MLA s

    Bad Day

     Despite protests / walkouts by BJP and Left parties , if and when , Lok Sabha converts that ordinance into a law in next 2 months

    Mad Day

     If , we the voters , decide to vote back to power once again , Congress & Co , in 2014 national elections ( and in the State Elections , later this year ) and choose to suffer in silence , the rape of our Motherland for the next 5 years , at the hands of the criminals

    Die Democracy , die slowly but surely !

    We the people , deserve the Brown Sahibs we elect to rule our destiny !

    • hemen parekh ( 27 Sept 2013 )


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  3. Team BlogAdda says:

    This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging 🙂


  4. Team BlogAdda says:

    This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging 🙂


  5. BellyBytes says:

    Unfortunately there is a saying in Sanskrit that says the king is representative of the people….if we have elected crooks to represent us it only proves that we are crooks ourselves.
    ps. I have never voted for the Congress and am never likely to.


  6. I agree with the above commenter – We vote for politicians without even bothering to find out what kind of background they are from and why they are contesting an election, and then we write blog posts in protest! What happens to all this rationality during the time of elections?

    Democracy is a system that ensures that citizens deserve the kind of Govt. they get. If at all we need to change anything, it’s the mindset of people who vote blindly – everything else will fall into place automatically.

    Destination Infinity


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