Bum Bum Bole

fat peopleNo its not about a handsome eight pack framed Aamir sticking a rubber nose and dancing crazily in a classroom sorry this post is about our eating habits to check if we are drifting away from our healthy food practices and swinging to the tunes of the junk food industry.

Oh dear you have lost so much weight! Why is your kid so thin? Don’t you feed him enough?

Familiar and annoyed with such questions well people just have to say something to begin a conversation when the truth is most people asking these questions are cramped with fatty acids themselves.

Chubby cheeks and fat kids are always adorable and cute. Chubbiness is strangely attributed to being healthy in India. As per a research over 80% of obese kids end up as obese adults

See more at: http://www.indiatogether.org/2013/jun/hlt-obesity.htm#sthash.FkFGodEH.dpuf

People fail to understand that the accumulation of fat through excess consumption of fatty food reduces the artery space narrowing the blood vessels which creates high pressure (BP) in the blood flow which is fatal for the heart.

Although we are probably the only nation whose kitchens are functional 365 days a year and indulge in elaborate cooking we are slowly falling prey to the western food invasion and becoming slaves of western lifestyles.

The boom of the IT industry in India has completely altered the lifestyles and thinking of our people. Thanks to all the software companies and their engineers who tutored our kids to eat out in Mc.Donalds, KFC and Pizza corners, this epidemic like trend has only become contagiously fashionable.

Have you once stopped and thought why we crave so much for those sausages which only fill your tummy with high sugar and high calorie that leave you hungry and starving within minutes of snacking asking for more?

Why does your child crave for that packaged ‘Lays’ chips or ‘Kurkure’ and not the traditional potato chips? Why are school going kids so huge nowadays? I certainly cant attribute it to healthy eating.

Is this food engineered to create a craving?

Although many companies deny using trans fats and MSG (mono sodium glutamate) time and again it has been found to be used in most junk food items like fries, burgers and chips. MSG is a haphazardly man-made protein used to enhance taste in the food industry which is hazardous for the body when consumed in excessive portions.

What does an MSG do?

Our brain receptors can sense protein filled food and instantly creates craving to consume that food. Protein being an essential nutrient the brain sends signals to crave for more protein bound food.

MSG the man-made protein tricks your brain to believe that the food contains protein but when there is no substantial nutrient in the food that our body needs then reflexively the brain signals hunger again.

A friend of mine recently exclaimed that her children feasted on chips and biscuits for breakfast and spoke proudly attributing it to their individualistic choices. In reality she was doing more harm than good as she is stocking up a trans- fat loaded pack of slow poison into her own child’s diet.

We introduce and stock up all sorts of unwanted hazards for our children like junk food high-fi gadgets and then fret about their addiction. Parents complain that their children don’t get out to play we have to demonstrate to our children as we are their role models.

Remember your child is consistently watching the inconsistent rules that you set and preach but don’t practice.

Our body needs high nutrients to satisfy hunger but most of the fast food items are loaded with high sugar, high calorie, low on nutrients which is probably the reason you feel hungry when you get back home.

Did you know that America is one of the fattest nations of the world today?

The exploitative advent of fast food or rather fat food culture that has made a rapid ingression into their lives has led them to this state. But are we gearing up to head their way?

Fast food outlets like Mc.Donalds KFC Pizza-hut have monopolized not just the western world but are now penetrating into our food markets as well.

According to a Forbes report the countries with the largest numbers of people with diabetes are in India (40.9 million), China (39.8 million) and the U.S. (19.2 million).

The Indian fast food market is already worth £7bn, and this is expected to double by 2016 according to a report.

Mauled by the mall culture and western influence packaged ready made food is soon becoming the order of the day in India.

There is no proper regulation of the fast food industry in India there is no control on the ad world as well. A weak food labeling and low consumer awareness coupled with a corrupt government has led the multinational brands to tear into our markets packaging every little thing and inculcating the habit of eating stale frozen food. Thanks to the ad-media world that lure the middle class Indians like a pied piper with umpteen junk options. Even schools sell these products at their canteens.


Do a quick health check up here by checking your BMI:

A body mass index indicates the right weight that you need to maintain in proportion to your height.

Here’s how you could calculate your Body Mass Index. Click link below:


Are you worried then take a walk, exercise a little and eat loads of healthy home made food.

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