India is a land with many important cultural values. One of the most common values infused early into our life is ‘Athithi Devo Bhavah’ meaning ‘Treat your guests like god’ in sanksrit. We are a country that preaches not to refuse water even to staunch enemy then what speak of our enthusiasm to greet and treat an invited guest whom we wait upon impatiently?

Weekend parties are a great way to connect and network with friends and relatives.

A perfect weekend party for me would be at home sweet home. I normally end up inviting my near and dear ones from the first circle of my relatives. Whenever I invite people home especially for lunch or dinner I make sure that the menu is elaborate with steaming starters loads of veggies and variety of dishes with different levels of spices from sweet to medium to very spicy to cater to the tastes of all my guests making sure that I don’t ignore the little guests if any.

As a child I was a very fussy eater and demanded everything to be totally delicious but today it is payback time and I keep trying my level best to please my family with the best of delicacies as I belong to a cult where we ‘live to eat’ yes you heard it right ‘live to eat’ and not ‘eat to live’ as we are devotees of delicious food. We want everything to be delicious and perfect tasting starting from morning masala tea to the strawberry pudding at night.

But thanks to kitchens of India a ready to eat Indian food brand which is a face saver during parties and many lethargic evenings. I don’t have to struggle like my mom making everything from scratch as the ready to eat masala mixes, chutneys, halwas and fruit conserves save me a lot of work. It decorates and contributes to elaborate platter the very look of which makes my guest hungry.


Since the food part is taken care and my job made easy I can concentrate on the topography of the house.

Each time I plan a party I get obsessed with cleaning the house, as only a neat orderly and clean well lit well ventilated house makes the best ambience. A spick and span house is always very welcoming and actually soothes your mind. When I have guests I do make a little extra effort to clean up the sheers and change the carpet and make my settee a little more colorful with that vivid Rajasthani spread and covers to give that very Indian ambience. I love Indian art and antiques and normally flaunt it 365 days as every day is a party in Indian homes dominated by food lovers and guests. If I were given a theme I would always choose the antique one as it is evergreen and feels royal. It’s our heritage after all, my house would be like a little India with arts and artifacts from all parts of India.

To make your guest at ease a warm welcoming and a TIDY hostess is most essential. Yes when a party we often concentrate on food and ambience but a tidy kitchen and a neat host are equally important.

A weekend party to me is lot of talking, eating and guffawing out so I am not sure if I would play any music as we don’t want to compete with the music system with louder talks however I would like to go for some soft flutes initially when I welcome them. All happening hip hop music numbers would be in the kids’ room.

I would love to go back to all the old memories so I would pull up all those old videos and photos for some nostalgic rewind poking fun at each other about how much hair we have lost or how much weight we gained or play some games like dumb cherades with the kids it is really amusing when all the young and old get together during this session.

Since today’s life is full of hectic activities one often longs for a weekend. Weekends are perfect time for all the networking, social parties, meeting people and relaxing with friends and relatives with loads of fun that relieve you from all your stresses but we the urban cosmopolitan community dread the idea of a party and tremble at the thought of getting roasted in the kitchen throughout the party trying to play the perfect hostess but yearn to meet people within the cozy comfort of our homes without having to travel anywhere.

Well you don’t have to fret so much just be smart and pick some products from kitchens of India Kitchens of India.and enjoy the party thoroughly.

There are three important things to make your party a legendary success

Healthy Food

Good Food

Delicious Food

Don’t believe me just recall what you said when you came out from that last wedding you attended. Did you speak about the dulha, dulhan or the good food?

This post has been written for ‘My Weekend Party with Gourmet Food‘ contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by Kitchens of India.


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