Dhaanth and Dhaanti were the incisor twins who were born together, grew up together and did everything simultaneously. They were very attached to ‘Danthapaali’ the soft mommy like gummy who held them in her arms like her own kids. All of them lived happily with their inmates in a pink gated community whose entrance was guarded by beautiful pink artistically crafted shutters called Lipsy.
Dhaanth and Dhaanti eat loads of delicious fatty food and soaked themselves in cheese butter and all the sweet savories on earth that their master chose to feast on. Initially they loved it all but soon things started taking an ugly turn.
Although they enjoyed all the munching and loved to exercise they despised the betel nut and the paan leaf as it would drench them stock-photo-dental-caries-101542327in a bloody red color which diminished their sparkling white self. They toiled day and night accommodating their master’s frenzy for eating but all they got in return was an unconventional unhygienic abode which they could neither refuse nor revolt against as it was their destiny that they were born there and had to live with it. During nighttime the nightmarish army of KHAL KHiTANU(germs) would attack them foraging on the left over sticky stuff and worked hard to build their colonies.

The twin brothers along with their peers were regularly attacked, savaged but the duo did not give up they befriended Sali saliva and the Bob bacteria on the tongue to support them in their cause to give KHAL KHiTANU a tough fight. To do this they needed to alert their master to clean up the plague so they signaled to him by creating the most awkward reek in his mouth. But to their horror the master simply gargled out some water and chose to shun the stink by consuming more paan or eat up a juicy jilebi (juicy sweet savory) to make things worse.

Disappointed they were that they screamed out loud that if he did not take care of his dental hygiene by brushing them properly twice a day then this plague of infectious debris would multiply and turn more deadly into a tartar that would cause acute infections such as gingivitis, periodontitis.
They displayed banners that read “Go Home Gingivitis” some of them carried banners that explained the causes and symptoms that read out “Bleeding gums are mainly due to inadequate plaque removal from the teeth at the gum line. This will lead to a condition called gingivitis, or inflamed gums”
Dhanthpali wrote on her forehead “Down Down Periodontitis”- Periodontitis is an inflammation and infection of the ligaments and bones that support the teeth.
All those shouts and screams were muted as Lipsy had shut her eyes and was fast asleep. That night they were cruelly attacked yet again by the KHiTANU army as they stood helplessly in their pink cabin.

This time they decided to signal to their master by way of a silent protest by tying red bands on their heads signaling that all was not well. ‘Dhanthpali’ the mommy gummy had turned red. She was highly inflamed.
Their protests did not get much attention as the paan juice camouflaged with their red head bands and laughed wicked with all its bloody redness.
Their master had ignored the bad breath and now he was ignoring swollen extra red gums.

Dhaanth and Dhaanti met all their inmates along with their high command ‘Dhanthpali’ and now came up with a consensus plan they had little options left so they furthered their protest and decided to sweat it out in blood. Yes it was a bloody war, it was a do or die situation for them. This time they signaled to their master with bleeding gums. Dhantpali shed tears of blood each time the master eat something hard and at times sobbed tears of blood even at the thought that they were not cared for.
This time the master did get alerted because of the saline taste of blood. The toothless teeth jumped in joy but their celebration was short lived as the master checked his schedule he saw that he was jam packed for that month. He ignored and neglected again, the teeth family continued to suffer in agony.

One dastardly night KHAL KHITANU hovered everywhere violently and struck again, Dhaanth and Dhaanti felt they were losing ground, they felt as though Dhantpali the strong gum that she was let them down. She had fallen so sick that she could no longer take care of Dhaanth and Dhaanti. She had tried in vain to stop the KHITANU army from attacking the jaw bones to which the teeth family was connected but had eventually succumbed to their atrocities.
The teeth were loosened from the bones as the bacteria had assaulted the support base of the teeth family.

They suffered this fate as their master did not adhere to simple basic routine of brushing his teeth thoroughly with appropriate and effective toothpaste. If only he had visited this informative link My Healthy Speak Blog and read all those explanatory posts about dental health.
A few days later Dhaanth and Dhaanti died a hero’s death and were martyred in the Teeth World even as their peers continued to live in fear and felt like prisoners of war in their own home as they could be attacked and let down any time.
The teeth family sobbed inconsolably but they were puzzled when they saw that this time their master was also sobbing.
He was sobbing as he could feast no more on whatever he wished he was also feeling very low that he had lost his teeth because of his negligence. Even more haunting was the fact that he would look awful and ugly without the white fleet whose value he did not appreciate when they supported him.
But the teeth family cursed him and did not forgive him as ‘CARE DELAYED WAS CARE DENIED’ they had lost their loved ones and they were next in the queue.

Our body, be it the teeth or any other part are perfect critics who constantly judge and give feedback on how we upkeep them. They have an inbuilt design that reciprocates and rejects the various conditions they are exposed to. Heed to your body signals at the right time. When they signal they are actually talking to you.

This is my entry for the Colgate Total Healthcare contest by IndiBlogger!



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