All In The Name Of Secularism

The word secular means ‘not religious’ and a secularist is one who believes that religion should have no place in civil affairs unfortunately our politicians have largely misinterpreted this and used it conveniently to suit them. Today in India anybody who speaks for the larger community of the Hindus is communal but the one who brings up the minority quotient for vote bank politics is a secular diva.

Recently I saw an article in a remote corner of a leading Indian daily which said in tiny letters that the court had ruled that Muslim girls could marry at the age of fifteen, this new law came as a mockery just when the union law minister was busy urging for 4.5% sub quota for dalit muslims in central educational institutions. Fortunately the supreme court of India rejected the petition and saved the merit class in a system that is already over-burdened with so many quotas. How ironical indeed if only the quota mongering people understood what this filthy reservation is all about? On one hand our politicians pretend to work for uplift of the minority community while on the other hand they are letting them down jeopardizing their future by encouraging practices such as child marriage and bigamy passing separate bills thereby appeasing some hardcore religious fundamentalists.

The very purpose of providing a quota to improve upon the social, economic and educational condition of the dalit or the oppressed is lost as they are making laws which threaten the very idea of progress and reform.

How can Indian economy improve when the people rebuff education and defend it in the name of religion? How can we progress and bring about developmental changes when we don’t have one law for the entire nation? People should stop believing and endorsing politicians who portray themselves as their caste mascots.

The word ‘dalit’ means ‘the oppressed, backward and deprived’. Originally the policy of giving reservation to dalits was an after effect of the long sufferings and humiliation meted out to the Shudra sect among the Hindus. In order to bring about an equal status for all, the Government of India introduced the quota culture to accommodate the backward classes in educational and Government institutions and to further their increased participation in all streams at par with other higher castes. These quotas are still being given everywhere and it is also being given in job promotions.

I agree that this kind of revolution was much required at that time six decades back, for providing an egalitarian opportunity to one and all and to really change the mindset of the people. Ambedkar the man who fought for the uplift of dalits in India had sought reservation for backward communities only for ten years but unfortunately the quota system is getting extended endlessly. Today reservation is largely misused as a result of which even after sixty years of giving quotas nothing much has changed because the focus of all the successive governments was never intended to give education or improve the lifestyles of these dalits who were poor and ignorant and are still poor and ignorant. The political syndicates want the deprived masses to follow them without pointing a finger at them whatsoever even at the cost of keeping large masses illiterate. Nowadays the term “dalit” and “reservation” has just remained a hot favorite among men in polity and the media men who often act as middlemen of the politicians.

There are poor and oppressed people deprived of many an opportunity in every community which categorically suggests that all castes have some amount of dalits among them who are backward in their own communities and are waiting to get some help and be heard. But the pseudo secularists instead of addressing the real problem of economic backwardness still collect the caste details of every citizen during census. It’s time the Government picks up the nerve to introduce some drastic step bringing about a reform and take a decision for the good of the larger masses by eradicating this epidemic called caste reservation. If at all any reservation is given, it must reach the economically weak failing which all those politicians demanding caste based reservation quotas ought to adhere to austerity in a true sense and choose to take medical treatment from a dalit doctor who got a seat on reservation basis and not by merit, they should get their children educated by untrained or under trained teachers who get selected as teachers through reservation quotas in Government schools but the grim reality is that most Indian politicians seek their medical treatment abroad and send their kith and kin to study abroad.

The quota system introduced by the spurious secularists has become a communal bane for any kind of development in this country. Undeserving, dishonest and corrupt officials have become the order of the day.

How can one’s social status improve if he is pin pointed that he is a reservation candidate, what kind of pride does it give to call yourself backward even after sixty years of consideration? People should feel ashamed and refuse to call themselves backward and strive to get into jobs with their own capabilities instead of basking in the ill-gotten glory of backwardness peevishly. The quota policy that sought to curb caste consciousness has only ended up further dissecting the society into several castes and sub castes.

It is important for every one of us to think seriously and vote sensibly shedding all our prejudiced feelings of casteism and choose an honest and upright government.

An awareness among backward classes that education along with hard work is the only way to improve their social and economic status and that the religious quotas is only going to jeopardize the nation’s growth is required. More and more educated and honest people should join politics and reform the current caste scenario by spreading the need for education and its role in the progress of our country.

I dream of a day when parents counsel their children to take up a Government job or politics as their profession with pride without depending on any caste quotas.


2 comments on “All In The Name Of Secularism

  1. My Say says:

    Opportunism in politics has created such a situation post independence that expecting caste or religion free … no quota system … is like a dream ! The so called secular Indian parties are the ones who have made sure gaps in the name of religion and caste never dies !! Just to play minority politics !


  2. We have pseudo-secularists who hold the reins of the Indian polity. Ashish Nandy, famous sociologist has very efficiently argued that the Nehruvian concept of secularism was flawed. The Western notion of secularism was blindly aped without considering the inherent religious inclinations of the masses.
    Reservation as it stands, is largely unacceptable. More than 6 decades of reservations have consistently improved the lot of the privileged among the backwards, while the economically weak are still suffering discrimination and penury. It might have been incorrect to comment so at the time of independence, but today it won’t be wrong to call reservations “a disregard to merit” in the truest meaning of the term. When you have brought the deprived at par with the mainstream, they should be allowed to compete freely. On the contrary, the number of communities enjoying the benefits of reservation have increased manifold.


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