The Missing Ant

It was rush hour in the morning I hurried up with all my household chores of cooking,cleaning and then the most formidable task of getting my 7 year old son ready to the school. I was almost done and had managed to grab a quick bite myself before I could put him on his school van and leave for my office. antjpgIt was 7.30am and the school van was expected anytime now.Then came the innocent shocker from my son, he had to take some living thing to the school as the teacher would be teaching about Plants and Animals-‘Living Things’ that morning. He declared that he would only take an animal with him and not a plant which made me go berserk, no amount of explaining that it was too late for a wild catch helped. Finally we both settled down to catch some thing smaller, handy and easy. I quickly went inside the house and got a plastic box for our hunt. Our eyes pried around hoping to catch a butterfly, moth, caterpillar, lizard.. oh no!! or atleast a mosquito but no luck, we thought about cockroaches but the pest control guy had cleared them recently even if there was one I would jump out of the house, no! not them surely! I thought just then something bit us on the feet and both of us jumped and screamed EUREKA it was the ants, yes the ants came as a respite and was surely an easy bet so I quickly manoeuvred their way into the plastic box closed the lid a little loose and bid good bye to my son who smiled adventurously as the van moved out of my sight. I was glad I had managed the morning show pretty well.
In the evening when I enquired how his day went he exclaimed that many of his friends had got grass hoppers, butterflies, caterpillar, earthworms some had even got their parents!! ha ha I mean their parents carried canaries in cages, gold fishes in small glass containers for them, one daring parent had also got a dog but the security sent him back. I asked him how he had explained about the living thing that he had taken, he promptly told me that all kids held out the living things that they had got and began to tell about it and when it was his turn the teacher looked carefully and asked him what really he had got? he told her that he only kept it ready by opening the lid and waited for his turn but by that time the ant had gone missing. We all burst out laughing and luckily even my son had a hearty laugh, he had taken it in the lighter spirit as he knew he had made an effort that morning and losing it at the yenth moment didnt affect him as he had told her the truth

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  1. My Say says:

    awesome read !! 🙂


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